Granola Talk..!!

This site is dedicated to bringing My Granola into your world.

Too many companies with huge marketing spend and expensive labs have managed to infiltrate the breakfast cereal market and brainwash people into believing that by eating their”Granola” is the healthy alternative to sugary cereals.

If you took a moment to read the majority of ingredients lists on a lot of commercial branded Granola products you would be horrified to see that the second biggest ingredient in most of them is SUGAR..

We have formulated My Granola with all natural ingredients, no added sugar, palm oil or salt. There are no added preservatives, colorants or additives.

My Granola consists of oats, olive oil, maple syrup, an assortment of seeds, nuts and dried apricots. Its fantastic on it’s own or you can boost the whole experience and serve it with yogurt or ice cold milk.

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